This will not be your typical wine review site. You have been warned. There will be things you read here which will not mesh with the typical somm-speak this generation of wine-drinkers have become accustomed to. I have been drinking and collecting wine for several decades and cut my teeth on Sonoma and Napa in the 80’s and 90’s before “fruit-bowl” descriptors became de rigueur but instead grew up with CGCW, Hugh Johnson and early RP and their individual forms of wine-description. I am vehemently against today’s use of the 100-point scale in marketing. Wine transcends a number. I believe wine contains a plethora of earthy components each contributing to its interest but which are often left out of the conversation in today’s *all wines are wonderful* and *what a pretty winery* blogosphere. I will also drink bad wines and tell about them. I do not place a stigma on ‘vegetal’ or ‘brett’ as each has a place in a complex wine discussion. Over-ripeness, over-extraction, high alcohol and the issues each contribute to balance and aging will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Fruit is king, acid and balance paramount. Those who associate earthy descriptors with flawed or unpleasant wines will be disappointed on a regular basis. Wine is alive and basal and reeks of life and sex and sweat in addition to sumptuous layers of spice and fruit. Varietal-correctness and typicity will always win, and jammy concoctions designed for the tourist-trade will be left behind. This is a wine blog. It is not a winery blog or wine-lifestyle blog. I have traveled extensively throughout California wine country for 30+ years and continue to do so, but the wine reviews here are not generated in tasting rooms or on vineyard-tours. All wines receive identical treatment in the same room in the same glass at the same time nearly every day. In addition to classic producers, I am constantly looking for smaller labels which run under the radar of *usual bling suspects* on social media. Enjoy the ride. Wine is life.


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  1. As a wannabe sommelier, your Instagram posts form a chunk of my day. Hooray for honesty, detail and imagery. As someone from Adelaide, I took über-delight in today’s Penfolds notes.

  2. Terrible reviews of wines. I don’t find any humor in your writing and I seriously doubt you have found any success in this industry, which is built around relationships. You sound like a grouchy old man who only drinks “DOC Grand Cru” wines because that’s what important people do. Leave your reviews to real wine fans who still have a love for wine. Oh and don’t Forget to take that magnum bottle out of your ass.

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  3. Thank you for doing what you do and especially in the way you do it, by being unapologeticly honest, fair, and to the point. Obviously you love for what wine is, a living infinite thing that is for the enjoyment of the senses and emotions. I too love the small label winemakers because that’s where the innovation and true art of winemaking begins. Looking forward to reading what you have to say.

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