Ponte Perfection

Light ruby out to abrupt edges. Distinct dried cranberry and crazy rose on the nose, sharpened with bright grape tincture and acerola.

I got excited as soon as I saw this thing in the mail. Portuguese still-wines–red OR white–are so rare in the US, at least here in California. Sure, we get a few vinho verde’s and an occasional Douro or Dão… That one with the tweety-bird on it is here and there, but largely, Americans have extremely limited choices–and subsequently: knowledge–in the wines of Portugal. All anybody knows is port. That’s it! In Portugal, their wines are EVERYWHERE! Every restaurant list is crammed with them, markets are filled with them, it practically runs in the gutters! Beautiful wines–across a wide price-range–Dãos and Douros and Bairradas and Alentejos and Beiras are everywhere, but all Americans get is port. I was in Portugal for a week or so a while back and didn’t drink a drop of port the entire time. Closest I got was looking across the river at the houses.

In the mouth, a balance of inputs I like to call *bright rusticity* shines forth immediately. Acid curls the tongue, making the pie-cherry and grainy pear lightning sharp. A little pee-stain-on-a-hay-bale winds its way through both bouquet and palate, a beautiful nuance of life itself combined with all this zesty fruit, immense floral and wracking acid. The mouthfeel is un-ponderous and stimulating, a summer red to serve cool or a food-red up against spicy seafood and salty cheeses if there ever was one. Mild tannin joins a full-circle of that dried cranberry in the finish.

God, what a wine. Get some, it’s imported regularly at link below, and ask your wine-shop about Portuguese wines!!! Are there any available where you live?

2014 QUINTA DA PONTE PEDRINHA Touriga Nacional Dão Portugal 13.0



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