Pinot. A love story.

When I was in 5th grade there was this girl Melissa that was completely different than the girls I typically went for at that age and I bugged her and fucked with her and prodded her constantly but pestered her a little too much one day and our teacher made us sit side by side holding hands for 30 minutes. It was brutally damaging to my pride and we squirmed and kicked and the teacher said, “Someday, you two are going to be in love,” and we both snarled and played shocked and shook our heads and refused to look at each other as our sweaty little hands blushed approval and I’ve dreamt of plastering her up against a wall and kissing her deeply from that moment on.

You might resist a little, but you will love this one long time. Break out of your mold a bit. This is clear-bottle natural-wine Oregon stuff you’ll want to put your tongue in. Don’t even play angry.

2017 DEUX PUNX Pinot Noir Carbonic Oregon 13.5


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