Get Myself in Church

Medium-dark ruby, quite staining.  Bold tapenade and deep sultry fruit in the nose. A substantial chunk of oak, but it takes a while to generate.  Rather austere at first in the glass, fruit clean and stony–apple-pure and lightly floral.  Everything very subdued. Minty and coy and rather gorgeous-smelling at this point, and expanding considerably with some air.

Spending National Put a New Battery in Your Garage Door Opener Day with this little darling. I’m going to decant this thing for a while and revisit. It is a very interesting 2014.  I’ve tasted a fair number of 14’s and have somewhat developed a slight impression of somewhat flabbier wines, lusher fruit than even 13 and far less tannin.  As OG as this label is, it is still considered a *supermarket wine* by many, and therefore, a certain set of impressions are often pre-determined. Austerity and shyness or even remarkable acidity are not some of them.  I don’t NEED it to be a huge explosive jam & oak bomb right off the get-go, and that part is surprising here. so I’m going to let it open up a bit.  I think it just needs a little stroking.

In the mouth, ripe cherry is well-balanced against a sharp burst of initial acid. This thing is *only* 14-2 and the fruit is not skanky in the slightest.  More of the black olive, pine tree and rose hips with a bold rail of structure–a hint of greenbriar desperately trying to peek through in the otherwise shrill and ridiculously dry finish completely bereft of some of the things in modern Napa cab finishes which elicit eye-rolling.

This is old-school goodness with the appropriate nod to modern ripeness right here.  Day 2 brings a silky lush nectar still high on bitter fruits and acid.

2014 FREEMARK ABBEY Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.2


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