Humbolt County Kush

Clear ruby. Cola, barnyard and fruitcake pour out of the nose, rich and far more viscous than the visual–and brand-knowledge–would foreshadow. A touch of VA spices up the cinnamon oak and fairly decadent candied cherry, lavish in its overlay on the peat and latex.

This is Humbolt County, so another ridiculously cool-weather vineyard and in the hands of another set of light-touch hands. But unlike last night’s, this one trades rich cola and barnyard for all that vegetal. Probably at two full points higher in Alcohol–maybe even over 14. This is probably trhe most luxurious thing I have ever tasted from Deux Punx. This would fit in well alongside some of SRH’s, SRH’s, RRV’s, and Anderson Valley’s full-blown offerings–at least the ones who have a seedy underbelly of pinot fervor. Should we name names?

In the mouth, more decadence with a little alcoholic lisp. Thick Mr. Pibb and carrot cake embrace the tongue for an eternity, before the spice and grainy citrus peel get canked up to 11 and begin their sharp staccatto into tannin. Warm and lush up front, delightfully cold and tingly-awash over the ACRES of middle, a dull oaky thud of bitter cacoa and black walnut funnel all that dark cherry forever through the finish.

Take THIS to your next Pinot Party and watch people’s heads explode.

2016 DEUX PUNX Pinot Noir Humbolt Co. California 14.2


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