Light It

Ruddy garnet and amber-staining with an encrusted neck. Dull fruit and diesel along a woody theme and all totally in a good way. Not much tertiary to speak of other than some dusty corridors or worn rosewood and floral carpet runners down the stairs. Creamy rich green bean and a touch of black seedless grape balance out out a lecithin nose.

I’ve bought these wines for years with mild interest. This one is the lasts of my 07’s and it’s probably for the best. This thing is showing AT peak and probably was intended for earlier consumption. These things have a fat chunk of Syrah in them–this one listing 25%, which is somewhat glaring to the front label’s announcement of “Cabernet Sauvignon”. I buy these at either Tom Pelter’s Calistoga Wine Stop or Tastes of the Valleys here in Pismo Beach. They are NOT expensive. 25 dollar stuff and worth EVERY PENNY. Even now, some leather and cigar is peeping out of the late-breathing dregs of the glass, counter-acting that yeasty glycerin.

In the mouth, a cool, calm, bitter entry shows the faded fruit remnants precariously balanced between rose-hips and molten strawberry. More dustiness alongside the candied cherry headed ever-so-slightly prune but stopping comfortably on the positive side of that nuance–making grenadine its bitch and dragging the whole scenario through muddy eucalyptus ruts of red clay until the structure hits about *9* and dialing it back mercifully into full rich round tits & ass so curvy and delicious you want to stroke it and lick it all at the same time.

These are fun wines. Steely and focused far into the finish and well-fruited up front.

2007 FUSE Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine Napa Valley 14.9


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