White Dirt

Staining brick. Initial barnyard unlike any I’ve ever asked Santa for and certainly ever dreamed possible in a Merlot comes piling out–absolute straight up beautiful horseshit–IF it were a Pinot. It settles down into a putrid eucalyptus stew of rotting vegetables & plastic on fire with heat pruning your nostrils and the menthol attempting to soothe the wounds.

In the mouth you think there might be potential for at least moderate acceptability for about a second-and-a-half before multivitamin and Weed-N-Feed wind up to a rocket fuel burn discharge dancing around the classic chemically concentration of bad richness and the headache-inducing version of weirdly plasticine “fruit” that consistently makes Washington problematic for me. That’s what you are left with for the remainder of the finish–a far longer finish than you’ve ever plead to Jesus for–and one you will be begging him to make go away.

2014 TERRA BLANCA ESTATE VINEYARD Merlot ‘Arch Terrace’ Red Mountain Washington 13.5



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