Core Values

Dark ruby, nearly impenetrable, with a thin pink sandwiched into the abrupt edge. Lush and concentrated n the nose, black cherry, mint and a dirty sort of black walnut bark holding onto the cheese curds and alcohol in the background. Each swirl brings a fresh almond-meat and streamlined grapefruit rind petrichor. Extremely paced. There are no *gobs* of anything exploding out of this. No ethereal nasal-cramming of velvet texture and spice. Just steady, nice, easy, paced bouquet and nuance.

This is pretty lush stuff in the grand scheme of all things *modern old-school winemakers in Napa Valley*. The fact that it is 13 might have something to do with it–everything 13 is just SO lush and rich-fruited. I’ve had plenty of Tognis and Dunns in my life and I gotta say: it’s pretty fleshy.

In the mouth, streamlined comes to mind again. It is NOT austere, don’t get me wrong. Just more mellow pacing. Calculatedly releases *just* what you need all along the mouth-feel, never any explosions, never any toothpicks, never any heavenly-heart-clutches, just solid, paced fruit and structure. Easy rich-fruit entry framed by green-briar and the kind of chocolatey wet bark us moderates covet. Immediately the churning tannin starts taking shots at everyone–hell, it started in the entry–but it’s just so… perfect. Perfect tannin. This is where I am going to use the word velvety. There’s a silk, a fabric, a grain, a direction to the tannin. It flows jaggedly in one direction, heating up the cool entry and perfecting the symphony with a fitting postlude.

The thing about this wine is it is so balanced. That word gets over-used a lot–I’m probably guilty of it–but I like to use it when a seemingly mellow wine has so much going on it is difficult to describe because everything is on an even keel all the way through. Nothing jumps out at you–everything is perfectly in its place. This is a wine which will age slowly and gracefully, not changing much in the first decade, and probably just as balanced at 20. Beautiful, beautiful stuff, no outlandish behavior needed.

2013 CORISON Cabernet Savignon Napa Valley 14.5


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