No Lie

Home Depot at Christmas and that fennel grip of a good Italian sausage. Sagebrush and water balloons and red rocks and eucalyptus spoilin for a fight. You dig the plump Golden Delicious out from deep behind boxes of still-grimy potatoes, hanging onions and garlic. A beam of dusty light pierces the musty shadows, illuminating the brooding fruit, quietly concentrating its sugar under toughening skin. Envelope adhesive and pitch-fire introduce the peppery finish.

Do you know Bergerac? Bergerac is kinda like Cahors: it’s not Bordeaux, but it hasn’t sold itself completely to the coarse devils of the sud-ouest–quality tends to be considerably higher than BDX superieur and even satellites. You don’t see it super often in the United States but in France you see it on lists everywhere and it’s always half the price of Bordeaux and often times ridiculously good.

2015 CHATEAU BELLEVUE ME/Cab/CF/Bec 30/30/30/10 Bergerac St. Loubes Gironde France 13.0

WINE 101


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