All The Pretty Horses

THIS is a beautiful wine. Holy shit, fruit so fresh and alive, funk on 11, brilliant decadence tempered with acidic restraint–no, there is no restraint: all your dreams come true in one glass. Gritty situational awareness of walking headlands sand and stormy sea, a fresh-cut garden hose of fortitude and ripe perfection. Tannin so squirmingly alive it can not disassociate itself with the full experience. I would marry this wine. I would couple with it biblically and make sweet sweet love to it until the deep hours. I don’t know what it is… Carignane? Syrah? Not grenache, not cab franc. Who knows–who cares. If I owned a restaurant, I would glass this down your throat until you eschewed all things fat and oblivious and stupid and this wine will make you smarter. I guarantee it. They have brought a shrill perfection of mineral to meld with nubile fruit so perfectly I can’t even

2015 ENFIELD WINE CO ‘Pretty Horses’ Red Wine California 13.0


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