That crazy crazy purple which Petite Sirah is capable of. An abrupt edge not tapering to anything except staining my glasses to where they will never be clear again. Instant fruit-FWD blows off to a greener, latex and straw and asphalt-petrichor on a raw-dough base. Sure, it may be raw chocolate-chip cookie-dough, but dough it is: fleshy and yeasty. Fresh-sliced pepper and a dark intense bitter burn way down deep into the late vestiges of the nose. Letting things settle down for a few minutes results in a re-visit of all that chokingly sweet Petite fruit jumping out again.

I can’t wait to taste this thing. Have I ever told you how much I love Petite Sirah??? It can be made in a couple styles, ranging from near-Zinfandel heady-fruit voluptuousness to near-Cornas tightness and massiveness.

In the mouth, all that fruit is tempered with a tobacco-water background the tongue desperately tries to wrap itself around. In terms of the two styles so common with Petite Sirah these days, I would say this thing manages a tight-rope walk down BOTH. I think anyone who reads me regularly knows what style I prefer, and I was worried at first this thing might be pin-up Petite Sirah. But it is NOT. Old-world rusticity oozes from every orifice, dark and brooding while ridiculous fresh juicy fruit does cartwheels on your tongue. MASSIVE green tannins calm the nerves and lay respect down like sidewalk for the playfully serious blackberry and elderberry to roll smoothly on.

This is a CRAZY-GOOD petite sirah. It’s a fun grape than can be expressed in several ways and if you’re a fan of a heavier, denser, more age-worthy, less slutty style–as I am–you’ll like this one. But it’s still fun to drink. NOW.

I have absolutely no clue what year MMXV is. 15? What’s an M? 1000+1000+10+5 God I’m so smart.

2015 GRATVS Petite Sirah Napa Valley California 14.8


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