Mountain Goals

Black black impenetrable ruby headed ever-so-slightly into garnet. Steel-cut oak and briar run a fat gauntlet chastised on all sides by ridiculous dripping dense fruit. Rail-road ties, the gravely drizzle you struggle upon and the encroaching underbrush–all are considered as you ponder the mascarpone, cream cheese frosting and the spice cake it is slathered on. A minty oily beauty so wry and sexy you can’t take your eyes off it–or your nose out of it.

As much as I love all the mountains in Napa, Mt. Veeder brings the consistent pleasing beauty. There’s a timeless chocolate and beauty alongside her mellow tannins which please again and again. And here’s an 09, which–as much as I claim to be a non-vintage wonk–is an absolute fave. 9 and 11, boys and girls: 9 and 11.

In the mouth, an toe-curling orgasm ridiculously perfect in situation between structure and fruity decadence. An instant hit of chocolate desire and cherry lollipop on a sexy tongue, almost immediately encroached upon by creeping shrill briar. Bitter loveliness showing a young patina massage everything it touches, ensuring the happy ending will not come as a shock, but as a long, drawn-out relief.

2009 VINOCE Cabernet Sauvignon Mount Veeder Napa Valley 14.8


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