Low-Voltage Amador

Beautiful sunny fruit and yet it still smells like wine. You know how sometimes white wine can be so fruity and so floral it doesn’t really smell like wine? This still smells like wine… like a wine cellar… a little bit musty–but in a good way. Thistle and oil and almond paste and apricot caught in icy stare. Lacking fruit in the mouth. Quite thin and easily bittered. Petrol and gooseberry in a savory-sharp elixir. Austere and one-dimensional at 50 degrees. A very white Bordeaux-style: something you don’t run into very often in California.

2016 ANDIS WINES Semillon Dillian Vineyard Amador County California 12.5

Ridiculous oak, absolutely ridiculous oak on the Cab Franc. Huge unadulterated piles, mounds, mountains, of sweet buttery caramel toffee blackberry oak. That’s literally all there is in the nose. In the mouth a completely different wine.

Interesting how both of these wines smell so much different than they taste no no no… let me rephrase that: Interesting how each of these wines create a foreshadowing in the nose that does not come true in the mouth. With the Semillon, it doesn’t work in its favor but with the Cab Franc, I like its taste better than I like the way it smells. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with big beautiful oak, it just leads me to believe the wine has been cared for in a certain way that probably can’t hold up in the mouth.

But this thing is a tight little sharp vegetal acidic streak of lightning in the mouth, not slutty in the slightest bit. Clean and chiseled and focused. The pepper burn in the finish is nearly as effusive as the vanilla in the nose, as the tannin on this thing comes screaming at you mid palate: straddling, coddling, and erasing the shy fruit. 12. 9 boys and girls from frickin El Dorado.

2015 ANDIS WINES Cabernet Franc Hawk Creek Eldorado Co. Sierra Foothills California 12.9



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