And the Pinotage Award Goes To

Dense garnet, nearly impenetrable, with staining bloody edges. Roiling greasy nose–introduced by a fruity streak of barnyard–runs roasted licorice and crisp peppered chicken skin into areas occupied by rather delicate dusty rose, apple-pie cinnamon and ridiculous petrichor. A beautiful grainy nose, spice and mineral-ridden vegetal working together to form a nice peppermint which breathes out to a fat warm cherry-filling.

Nothing strikes fear and loathing in the minds of American wine-consumers like the word Pinotage. With the possible exception of NZ sauv-blanc or OR pinot, nothing has been ridiculed and lambasted more than Pinotage. And I’ve had my fair share of awkward ones. I always assumed it was like Chinese food: NOTHING in America comes CLOSE to resembling native capabilities, and eventually a well-bred one would come along and change my mind. That time has finally come.

In the mouth, a spice-based entry showcases brilliant primary fruit. Tart plum and apricot lay the foundation for a seamless platform of blackberry with pronounced acid. GORGEOUS to drink, balanced across the palate far beyond what many recent reds of this concentration have achieved. Nearly-perfect and streamlined into a smooth arc from entry to tannin. Fabulous stuff.

2014 MHUDI FAMILY WINES Pinotage South Africa 14.2


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