Dark purple red, nearly impenetrable. Really shocked at the depth of colour. Big fresh yeasty rising bread blast burns off quickly into shrill dark fruit tightly wrapped in green briar. Chalky minerality, fuzzy orange and the shriek of clean wet cellar floor and galvanized steel buried in mud.

See, now when the Canucks called me and said they wanted to do the Soif-test, I heard “Gamay” and got all wiggly. Same with FLX and CF, I mean I’m all, “THIS is where it’s gotta be for this region!” Everyone wants to send me Pinot and Chard from the frozen north, and I’m just wanting to see what can happen with Gamay. This is an interesting version. Blown away by how dense it is. This is a monster by cru-bojo standards.

In the mouth, Welch’s Concord and Welch’s Grape Soda washing down a streak of ripeness reined in and glorified by non-chewable Vitamin C. Dark and, frankly beautiful–but this thing is headed into Syrah territory. I mean–there’s no mistaking it for Syrah per se, but I’ve had Sonoma Coast Syrah that would run with this thing. Black fruit late-middle, concentrated and sharpened with acid slowly turn to tannins to be expected from this variety.

This is a really good wine. It’s a little different–but it’s not weird or terribly flawed. I took some to open on a wine-radio show a couple weeks ago and it was a good call, as everyone else on the show is tuned to big, ripe wines. I’m toying with the alcohol, trying not to let my fore-shadowing of *Canada* play into my guess, but I’m going with 13-8, although I’m not going to be shocked one bit if it turns out to be 14-5. This thing’s a ripe, concentrated, boozy little bish.

2017 DESERT HILLS Gamay Noir Okanagan Valley British Columbia Canada 13.9


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