Canada is the new Oregon

Deep purple ruby right out to the thin edge. Green green green, oh man if you like them green and briary, this is your jam. I do, and although the intensity of it on pour heads into gamay and Chinon territory, it breathes out beautifully into a dark, seething melange of chocolate, peat, black cherry and broken weeds. BBQ-sauce savory and red-sauce herbs play nicely with the roasted meat and sharp graphite.

Okanagan, boys & girls. British Columbia. As in: Canada. Yup, they grow wine everywhere now. Had three of these so far and they are well-made wines. Really anxious to try some more from this region. This reminds me somewhat of Oregon about 15 years ago.

In the mouth, thin and bright, muddled intensely with mineral and acid. A shocking acid core eliminates all fruit in its thin, sexily bitter wash momentarily, before letting it back up for air into the finish. The nose continues to play a heavy part on the palate all through tasting, driving and olfactorily contriving many of the feels. The rich meatyness of the late nose really doesn’t exist anywhere on the tongue though, and the black cherry runs gratingly maraschino in the finish. I don’t think the AL on this is over 13. It’s a beautiful Pinot, understated and overwhelming. Edgy and vibrant. Never selling itself to the ripe, round gods.

You’re going to be seeing a lot more wines ending in dot-CA on here. I’m excited about them.

2016 ANTHONY BUCHANAN Pinot Noir ‘Ashlyn’ Kalala Organic Okanagan British Columbia Canada 13.0


2 thoughts on “Canada is the new Oregon

  1. Yup, we Canadians are making wine from east to west! Be sure to try our east coast whites from the Annapolis Valley. Benjamin Bridge is making first-class bubbly. In Ontario, you have Niagara and Prince Edward County – we’re even making wine in Ottawa, the capital! Lots of great wines to discover.

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