Epic Wine & Spirits Trade Tasting notes 6.5.18


THE best Cabernet from Paso Robles is from Santa margarita.  That’s all I’m gonna say about thaaaaat.  Hate me, but it’s true.  www.broadsidewine.com


Just read the names on that one, boys & girls.  Speaks for itself.  http://www.lafite.com/en/the-domaines/bodegas-caro/

What can you say about Chateau Musar?  You either hate or love it.  Dunn, Cain, Mattiason, Corison,Togni, Musar.  Funky lil bish, brett-bomb.  Incredible.  http://chateaumusar.com/


Fun little new Oregon adventure, great price-point and provenance.  Retail GOLD. https://www.portlandiavintners.com/


Fun stuff. NINE dollars.  Incredible provenance.  https://www.loron.fr/en/nos-vins-domaines/


English bubbles.  My new favorite tipple.  These are OUTSTANDING and slowly becoming available in the US. https://www.gusbourne.com/


I’m a HUGE vermouth fan and rouge is my gig.  These are so unbelievably nuanced with spice and herb. A perfect addition to any craft cocktail bar.  http://www.anticatorino.com/en/


Adam Lazarre cranks out unbelievable wines under his own label somehow around the hundreds of other labels he has his hands in.  Get the Pinot. Get the Merlot, get the Albarino.  https://lazarrewines.com/


Burnt earth goodness from South Africa http://www.edgebaston.co.za/


An under-the-table pull from this tasting.  Shocking beauty. http://www.ferraton.fr/default_gb.cfm


Big heavy typical Barossa weight and beauty.  http://www.taitwines.com.au/


Finesse and oak splendor in a gorgeous package.  https://www.casasdelbosque.cl/en/our-wines/private-reserve/gran-bosque/


Beautiful stuff.  My favorite South American wine at the event.  BRAND NEW. http://www.vinodelsol.com/thewineries/verum.html


https://www.mazzocco.com/ isn’t exactly known for their Cabernet, but I have loved their versions for decades.  The zins are great, yeah… but when you see a cab, you pick it up.

http://delorimierwinery.com/ is another Sonoma blast from the past, re-vitalized and cranking out RIDICULOUS structured cabs of true Alex pedigree.

http://www.wilsonwinery.com/ manages a bit more polish and user-friendly cab than the previous two.  Softer and more elegant and well-placed against Napa cabs three times the price.



These Ramsay babies are 9 dollars retail across the board and there is NO WAY you can out-shine them in CA for that PP  https://kentrasmussenwinery.com/our-wines

Do I need to tell you about Muga?  No, I didn’t think so.  The Selectione Especial and Reserva are wonderful for their PP’s. The Torre an extravagant oak-and concentration bomb often called the Spanish Prisoner.  The Prado Enea lush and ripe while managing a manageable PP and massive chunks of structure.  It’s my favorite of the whole line-up. https://www.bodegasmuga.com/en/


Had to mix in a couple Zins of course–after checking their ABV’s and approving. 15-6 yeah… whataya gonna do? The Pezzi King is another blast from the past for this DCV old-timer.  https://pezziking.com/


WHO doesn’t love IGT???  Retail MAGIC.  This stuff is plush and marketable.  http://www.squarano.com/en/1-Company-wine-Marquis-Fumanelli/23-The-estate-of-Squarano.html

This tasting was set up and I was a guest of www.epic-winesandspirits.com so if you’re industry on the West Coast, hit them up first for a showing.  Outside of that area, you’re on your own.  Beg your retailer.


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