Moody Stuff

Medium-dark ruby with an abrupt edge and garnet staining. Toffee and burnt rubber flow out of the nose, with a green woody wedge of piquantness providing counterpoint. Wet, deep loam and a bruisy, kinda boozy shrill cigarette butt eucalyptus are interwoven with black salty licorice against broken stem. It is definitely an interesting-smelling wine. Definitely not Australian or California and no way Rhone. Laguedoc and various Pyrenees influences come to mind, if we must compare, but the roasted toffee stands out in difference to these Old World options.

In the mouth, reasonably lean of fruit in the entry, surprising–considering the warmth translated through the nose. Crisp and tight, beautiful pie-cherry and green-plum creat an acidic wash gloriously tinged in tangy fruit. A decided mint and briar-stem thrust themselves resolutely into the middle, and it grows luscious and generous right out to the light, sharp tannin.

We don’t get a lot of So. African wines here in Socal, and often they are cheap blow-outs or Pinotage. This is a fabulous wine. Peculiar–to my California palate–in a few corners, but pulls the whole thing together into a rather seamless and enjoyable bottle. And totally available in the US!

2014 MHUDI FAMILY WINES Shiraz Stellenbosch South Africa 14.34


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