Not So Ordinary

Clear medium ruby with a nice garnet edge. Big still barnyard and funky oil hopelessly coupled with cranberry jam and decadent ripe melon and stone-fruit. Viscous oak and wet granite create a huge dark dessert-like structure along peat and wet bark oilyness.

Having dranken the full roster of Dusty Nabor wines, this little ‘California’ red blend offers a ridiculously low-price juxtaposition to the regular stable. 20 dollars and without contents on label, I am still guessing it is mostly Cabernet, with Syrah fattening it up a bit and rounding off the corners. It has a ripeness you often see in blends this cheap, but it comes with an elegant pedigree in smell and taste which makes most $20 red wines seem like bullshit Gatorade.

In the mouth, the acid hits first. This thing CAN’T be much over 14-oh, although the ripeness screams well North of 15. Grainy, brilliant Cab fruit moves well into all corners of the mouth, coating the tongue with rich fruit while layering sharp pangs off the sides, making you check once again the price and acknowledging this is indeed a LOSS-LEADER for this producer. If only more $20 wines tasted this clean. There is no stupid fruit-forwardness which plagues most Cabernets at this price-point. There is no fake oak or awkward acid-in-a-bag signifying manufactured wines. This is just one clean, slightly fat, beautifully fruited wine showing overwhelming pleasingness right down to the sweet tannin finish.

Quite the bargain.

2016 NSO by Dusty Nabor Red Wine California 13.6


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