Babs! Dahling! Like Buttah!

Perfectly still and clear, ruby right out to an abrupt edge. Big peppercorn, oak and Sweet-Tarts cram the nose, leaving behind just a little saliva saline funk. A nice petrichor-melon and applesauce keep everything grounded on pure red wine experience.

In the mouth, instant black cherry thins out to near-pie cherry, engaging a near-seamless transition from the ripe voluptuousness of the entry to the sheer spice of the middle and on into the bright acid and lovely bitter pepper of the tannin. Fruit never takes a break–this thing has gobs of luscious fruit and it runs a solid steady bass-line through all this variety’s fairly-typical meanderings.

I don’t think you’ve probably had a Barbera quite like this. I don’t think you’ve probably had an Amador quite like this. This Melka-crafted darling is straight-up lush joy and the price is very un-Melka-ish. This might just be the least-expensive Melka wine on the planet. I love Amador, but the rough-and-tumble days are over. Another frontier region steps its game up.

Hell, I might just drink Lodi and Sierra Foothills wines all week.

2015 ANDIS WINES Barbera Amador County California 14.5


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