In The Groove

Impenetrable purple, hung up on grainy vegetal and an absolute dedication to pure fruit. Edgy to the earth-extreme, pulling black raspberry and buttery piquantness off a peppermint totem of indifferent obfuscation, this little thing takes *purple* to an extreme of smell and texture not easily forgotten.

In the mouth, urine-flaccid knowingness of all things fruity brings your nasal expectations down to an earthy conglomeration of briar, mineral and oak and OMG are the first two of these on serious heroin over-drive, clashing a ridiculously acidic cascade of waterfall over granite against fruit so raw, so brilliant, so edgy and raspy you are left wondering where the California tourists will be left in this scenario and the answer is NOWHERE.

Is that the longest sentence I have written in a couple years? I don’t care–this wine deserves Heart-of-Darkness style observations and defies easy up-the-river justification. It is definitely not for the weak-of-heart but if you have a pulse please find some.

2015 EQUIS Syrah Domaine Des Lises Crozes-Hermitage Rhone France 13.5


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