Frodo’s Legacy

Opaque black garnet. A beautiful color of red wine, bloody, dense and lux-looking. Smokey green sage in the nose, oozing with bright plum while steeped in steely minerality, gobs of stifling red dust and wet charcoal. You know how green-wine smells? A few of you do. This has nuances of that, but the color defies that theory–as does the date on the label–and it slowly blows off to a much more viscous ridiculously ripe cherry, cream cheese and rust. A most-interesting smelling wine.

In the mouth, direct intensity wastes no time cramming briar, pepper and peach-pit into every corner of your palate. GORGEOUS fruit takes over–fairly prickling with a mohawk and spiked collar of spicy heat. Ashtray and rawhide round out the fruit, but NEVER does even a glimpse of obesity play in. Everything is shrill and vibrant, down to the wry and prodding tannins still dripping with sweet flesh.

A unique bottle of wine, not unlike wines I have had from Amador, Calaveras and other Sierra Foothill regions. Even Lodi. And, produced from dry-farmed, head-trained fruit, it stands to reason. Very very nice.

2014 M’HUDI BOUTIQUE WINES ‘Foro’s Legacy’ Shiraz/Cab/Malbec/Grenache W.O.Coastal Region South Africa 14.0


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