Perfect little fresh backhoe, roots dripping along the sides, red soil cool and dry all the way to the bottom. Thin pomegranate, crushed seeds and all–with a small side of Comstock Cherry. Bright, clear and steely into the finish, slowly churning all your acid & tannin dreams into frosty reality.
Let me start by warning you: If you like big jam-packed homogenous Napa Valley bling-bombs, YOU WILL HATE THIS. I can hear you already. “It’s just so under-stuffed.” “It’s just so lean.” “It’s just so thin and kind of harsh.” Yeah… It’s just so PERFECT you rocket-juice addled cretin. And an 09 to boot… You DID buy all the 2009 you could find, RIGHT?!?

2009 PARADIGM Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Napa Valley 14.1



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