Sonoma Scripture

Staining inky garnet with an abrupt edge. Cinnamon and nutmeg flow out of the glass, big peat and root mired in earth with a sharp alcohol note alongside the pie-crust. I’m guessin 14-7.

This wine is a bit of an anomaly for 2012 for me. Most of the 12’s I have had have been lush and ripe–even a little flabby–gorgeous to the casual observer and drinker and blogger but a little light in the loafers for me. This thing goes another direction–and I LIKE it.

Gorgeous entry ripe and lush turning almost instantly to bitter intensity. Rich and round–don’t get me wrong–but the black walnut and briar-stem bleeds crazy secondary nuances preventing any aspirations of stupid-flabby-candy. Here it sits at 5 years and the crystalline oak trickles down your throat completely surrounded by artichoke stem, rock candy and urine-tanned leather. An absolute beauty.

This has always been a structured favorite of mine, and finally tasting this 12 has me happy I have several bottles. This is one to sit on a while.

2012 CLOS DU BOIS ‘Marlstone’ Red Wine Cab/ME/PV/Bec/CF 72/21/5/1/1 Alexander Valley Sonoma County 14.5


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