Place: Lodi CA

Another in an incredible long line of Markus masterpieces–another white wine, heavy on oddities–cranking out round cider-ish nose, fresh bread, round and a touch grassy, mineral and tropical-espressive at 60°, more of the buttery petrichor and weed shutting off the fruit down below 50°.

It is so interesting when a wine like this hits your tongue. You really don’t know what to expect–which is beautiful. You read Gewurztraminer or Sauv-Blanc on a label and immediately flavor profile visions dance through your head. But take this wine: FIRST of all, it is a Markus, so you know right off the bat is going to be lean and mean, acid-driven and loveliness falling in behind. Then you notice it is a blend of two grapes which do not exactly line the shelves of your cellar. So what’s gonna happen here?!?!?

It’s stunning, THAT’S what’s going to happen! Balanced somewhere inside an imaginary triangle formed by an austere Riesling, a young Gewurtz, and a dry Muscat or Semillon, layered and deep, while brilliantly light on its feet. This is a gorgeous white words can barely put in context.

2016 MARKUS WINE CO. ‘Insieme’ Torrontes/Traminette 95/5 Lodi California 12.5


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