The Grace of Saints

Brilliant clear staining medium ruby with definite garnet undertones and depth. Ridiculously perfumed nose crunches out a heady, never-ending blast of uniform green-briar, fresh bread and petrichor. Is this seriously Merlot? The pretty sweet blossom does not fade into nothingness, but blossoms unapologetically into deep blackberry and unhinged cassis.

I don’t know much about this wine. Picked it up off a shelf on a whim and the shop proprietor was cautious in sharing details of the main producer and parent label. A quick google turns up at least a minor association with Angela Osborne–of Tribute To Grace fame–but I haven’t studied it further.

In the mouth, still having trouble believing this is merely Merlot. Sure, the Cab Franc might boost its peppery spirits and shave off a couple flabby edges, but not in these small of quantities. This is just plain brilliant Merlot. Acid and mineral churn through the tannic core of the wine, buoyed on all sides by decadent fruit and vanilla.

A stunning wine–which doesn’t surprise me having met and tasted Ms. Osborne’s Grenache offerings multiple times–and I am going to snoop around and see if there are any other members of this stable from the Bordeaux family. Did I mention this is a sub-$30 wine? (I bought it at

2014 LAND OF SAINTS Merlot/CF 93/7 Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara County 14.4

I can literally find NO information or specific site for this wine but here’s so snoop around. It’s worth the search.


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