A thinnish garnet at the edge, but richening to a deep ruby-purple at the deep end. Massive burnt rubber, scorched earth, wet sandpaper and dried cranberries cram the nose. Distinctly fruity–of a dark kind–and tempered with luscious amaretto, smoke, cardboard and pine-pitch. A certain Coke+lemon slice tries to rise above it all, but the earthiness–no funk, barely barnyard, no brett–just plain molasses wet earth stemmy depth wrestling with the ripeness.

In the mouth, crisp and bitter in that glacial wood-stem way. Stupidly good fruit, plum and gooseberry wrapped in an avocado creaminess so perfect ripe and spicy on the tongue at the same time. The perfect *heat* grabs the cellar floor and brightens it to heavenly proportions. Burgundian Thin & Bitter propels itself into green writhing bitterness so uplifting alongside the opposing warm California fruit the distinct savory note can barely keep up.

This is a brilliant Pinot. There’s so much Santa Barbara goodness going on in it. I feel like it might be SMV, but there’s some abrasiveness from further South present. Just one of those thing which make you stop in your tracks and re-examine your whole obsession.

2012 BONACCORSI Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 13.8


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