Junkyard Queen

I’m trying hard not to let any psychological foreshadowing from the label impress what I think about this wine but frankly it kind of smells like garage–not YOUR garage with its spilled bags of dog food and bicycles with flat tires–I’m talking about a REAL garage. At a gas station. You know–the things we used to take our cars to for quick repairs before they converted them all to selling half racks of beer and Slim Jims.

There’s so much diesel and gear lube and crusted dirt and fan belt and air hose and salt and sweat in the nose of this wine. It’s a dark nearly impenetrable garnet showing signs of brick but it’s so dark, it’s not really your classic ambering. It’s just a ruddy ruby.

This is my last one of these, I think I had a six pack and really enjoyed them and was kind of pushing this one longer and longer and longer because I really didn’t want to… Well, you know how it is with your last bottle of something that you know isn’t going to last forever and at the same time it’s beautiful enough that you want it to? It’s almost like you want the memory of the next to the last bottle to be the last memory you have while still knowing that you can revisit it anytime you want but then you drink your last bottle and all of a sudden that equation becomes one of imagination. Don’t you love wine for the distinct romantic trauma it puts us all through? No, I’m not talking about you. Or you. I know you have 60k followers and a couple of letters after your name but you’ve been drinking wine for 3 years, you literally have no concept what I’m talking about even though you think you can create romance by posting a picture of rosé splashing in the sunlight.

Thick and well fruited but the patina of the last 10 years has definitely shallowed the fruit. Incredible leather and tobacco, nails splitting wood, a greasy mop, all accompanying passive-agressive acid and enough tannin to far out live the fruit. So

I’m glad I drank this today. It has the patina of something rather high alcohol and I’m going to guess this is very close to 15-oh. High alcohol wines don’t age, folks–even though this one has put in a valiant fight and it’s really really a nice wine and deliriously fun to drink at this juncture. Nothing *world class* by any stretch the imagination but they don’t ALL have to be that layered. This is a beautiful wine just the way it is.

2005 THREE LOOSE SCREWS ‘Used Automobile Parts’ Don Sebastiani & Sons Cab/PV/Bec/ME/CF 65/14/13/5/3 Napa Valley 14.9



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