A 12.0 Hit on the Chignin

Impenetrable purple, somewhat staining and maybe not perfectly clear? The NOSE on this thing is so wonderful. Have you every been whipped with a rubber band by a nun? Well, I have–of COURSE–and lived to tell about it so you don’t have to experience it. I mean… unless that’s your thing. I’m not here to judge. Crazy huge funky barnyard stew of chopped briar vines and dirty baby diapers engulfs everything. Rubber band and blueberry contort all the cut-floral-stem and fruit-concentrate into a dense opaque stew.

All your typical also-ran projections of Chinon and Cru-Bojo run through your mind as it crosses the tongue. But here we have so much more depth, more concentration, more chewy body and structure. Wretchedly acidic and coatingly thick, PILES of rich fruit overcome all, slinging beautiful Jolly Rancher and strawberry Charleston Chew against the wall while anise and grapefruit chant for their dismissal. Grainy, rocky, and THICC like you like them, this mineralific beaut is NOT little, is NOT subtle, is NOT a thin alpine wine, it is just another Kermit Lynch WINNER. And it’s frickin TWELVE POINT OHHH. One of those anomalies of mouthfeel that DESTROY the ‘bigger is better’ hi-proof mentality so popular today. This wine is HUGE, and yet–it’s not. Imagine that.

Drink More Mondeuse.

2014 ANDRE et MICHEL QUENARD ‘Chignin’ Mondeuse Savoie 12.0



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