Wilma or Betty?

Sweaty sweet funk, Naugahyde and Camaro burn-outs, fireworks and ketchup, girls in cowboy boots and too-tight jeans who smell good and laugh easily. Pretty, in a way that doesn’t need much make-up and has a little meat on it. Then she opens her mouth, and she’s smart, and bright and lean of words and has no complications, no emotions weighted down with cloying platitudes or visions stalled in pruny muck.

This is Contra Costa County at its absolute pinnacle. This is a FIELD BLEND! A real live field blend–they don’t even know what’s in this shit! THAT’S WHY IT SAYS “RED WINE”, SHERLOCK! It’s supposed to be mostly Zinfandel and Mataro but who knows!?! This is ethereally good stuff, ripe–and yet so delicate; textured but not preachy. Graphite-leather goodness in the chalky finish make you CRAVE your next sip. Clocking in at 14-1 this would be a PERFECT bottle to wean your friends off the bigger-is-better tourist-juice.
Do it.

2016 BEDROCK WINE CO Red Wine Evangelho Vineyard Contra Costa County Central Coast California 14.1



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