I Could Marry Petite Sirah

Stupidly perfumed. Just STUPIDLY perfumed. MASSIVE billows of chocolate cedar juniper Polo cassis dusty urine leather brett Givenchy filthy wet wood clouds come out of a staining no-edge black tincture without one speck of brick.

It doesn’t look like a seven-year-old wine, it doesn’t taste like a seven-year-old wine but oh boy it smells like 20 year old wine and in all the good ways. Where is this thing headed? I mean… I have my reasons for believing why this wine is aging so lopsidedly, but none are scientific.  It’s a small batch.  It’s produced I fear in a very rustic manner.  It had a bit of a soggy cork on it but it was not soaked all the way through so I’m not going to blame it on that. I love this wine long time and that’s why I own several of these and I believe you probably should too just for curiosity’s sake if nothing else or if you are a die-hard Petite Sirah fan like me who tastes every single Petite Sirah he can get his hands on and has for 20 plus years.

Cloggingly cardiac-inducing fresh and fruity in the mouth. Round and full and dense but not soggily ripe. Focused fruit not doing cartwheels, if anything the tertiary is doing all the cartwheels in this and it closes out with a ridiculously chewy tannic finish with quite a bit of saline.  This is drinking absolutely dead on perfect but where is this wine going? That’s the thing. I think it’s honestly got quite a few more years on it. I think the incredible nose is going to blossom a bit more–I really don’t see how it can blossom much more than it already has but it’s showing no signs of slowing down in the mouth or in the color and despite its rather high-proof, I think it’s something you could enjoy for another five years. If you like huge Paso wines and if you like Petite Sirah and you like a little patina this is a perfect candidate with already a few years on it and I’m pretty sure it’s still available.

What is this wine trying to do to me?!? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a 16-oh Paso Petite Sirah that drinks like Herman Story had sex with Opus One.

2010 SAXBY Petite Sirah Paso Robles 16.1



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