Black impenetrable dense ruby absolutely pitch-black-as-your-soul with a miniscule line of ruby running around the poor stained glass. Fat glycerin-ey alcohol burns eyes and nose and deserves a VIGOROUS decant–which it got. A bit of the volatility breathed out, massive cinnamon, meaty bread and bar-be-que, slightly barnyard ridiculous ripe blackberry all encased in a grating mineral-tinged casing. This is not Basque-Pyrenees-Jumilla-style funk and ripe, no. This is ALL Paso Robles. And leave it to Paix Sur Terre to take a fairly familiar variety in Paso and turn it into something that would clog even the most die-hard Herman Story, Aaron, or McPrice-Myers fan.

In the mouth, chocolate and calm fruit visit for a split-second, before all that stone and tannin obfuscate everything. You can’t help but pick up delicate floral backgrounds to accompany the spicy peat touches in the nose. This wine HAS finesse, believe it or not, it is just easy to overlook amidst the thunderous peals. It’s not *really* all that high alcohol at 15-1, it is just stupidly young, crazy-concentrated, and requires patience.

2015 PAIX SUR TERRE Monastrell ‘The Golden Road’ Willow Creek Paso Robles 15.1


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