#WOPN2018 scribblings day 2

Montinore Estate Graham’s Block 2014 stemmy and awkward then vapid.

Montmartre 2013 Bentrock big and ripped. Really ripe nice bitter oily finish.
Montmarte La Encantada 2013 really mellow smooth and nice over the middle nice thin color best of the Montmartes.


Monks Gate 2015 Yamhill-Carlton just a flaccid candy bullshit no redeeming qualities whatsoever in it shrill citric nothingness.


Maggie Hawk 2015 Jolie Anderson Valley big weird overripe rubber candy with a flabby middle.
Maggie Hawk Graceful Lady 777 a little bit more subdued still stupidly ripe 14-5

Lucia 2015 Garys’ nice composure good pinot fruit dark and burned in a little bit of barbecue. Quite ripe but shockingly dry rasping finish hot and bright tart.
2016 Lucia Soberanes a little bit more candy sugar in the nose ridiculous tannins, ripe in the middle but with the fruit all the way through though very very nice.

2015 Joseph Phelps Freestone Sonoma County it’s been at least 20 years since I’ve had a Joseph Phelps Pinot nice subdued nose, nothing much comes out of it just a little bit slowly explodes on the tongue and has literally the most ridiculous tannins I’ve ever seen on a Pinot on my life… seriously like Petite Sirah tannins just black bitter impenetrable.

2015 GoldenEye Gowan  Creek literally the biggest fattest fattest sweetest most candy thing here with the possible exception of the Meiomi just roiling in pancake syrup sweet sweet sweet.


Gran Moraine Dropstone Yamhill 2015 California California pretty much California meets Oregon
2015 Gran Moraine normal Yamhill dog park poop streak in the nose mildew dark dark ruby with no edge ridiculously bitter and tonic I like it better than the Dropstone and of course because it’s probably cheaper.

2014 Waits Mast literally the most boring Pinot I think I’ve ever smelled in my life. Kool-Aid apple juice and nothingness nice color though finish really bad too.

Rain Dance 2015 Reserve Chehalem smells like multivitamins chewable Flintstones I can’t even taste this I don’t have the balls.

2015 Seagrape Jump Up Santa Rita Hills beautiful thin garnet with a ruby core, incredible dirty baby diaper just boiling out of it just huge massive and fairly flabby over the middle not much going on in it a little bit of abrasive nips in the finish.

2015 Chalone Estate big bold ruby no edge it’s pretty much Syrah.


2015 Brewer Clifton Santa Maria Hills Garnet pretty much through and through with no edge, big green bean but wrapped well around cherry fruit acidity in the mouth with Pinot fruit coming through in strides but the nose is a little off-putting and I love vegetal.


2015 Carneros Artesa Block 91d straight up buttered popcorn just so much buttered popcorn you can’t even get past the nose… it’s all buttered popcorn it actually improves but not much this is bullshit wine for bullshit people. Very round really nice burnt rubber but all kinda sort of.

Rex Hill 2015 Chehalem beautiful beautiful color nice ruby with a purple plum and good acidity.

2016 Withers English Hill interesting nose, little burnt rubber plastic-ness to it but once you get into the mouth holy crap it’s a really great Pinot.
2015 Eldorado Mr. Burgess Syrah heavy closed in nose just a little bit of honey coming off of it 12.9 Clean bright beautiful but very concentrated oily tar.
2016 Peters beautiful beautiful nose really well integrated perfect garnet with a ruby core, sparkling clear perfect amount of skinny this is literally quite possibly the most perfect in this room.


2016 Withers Gamay it literally doesn’t taste like cru Beaujolais at all I’m sorry the nose isn’t there the minerality isn’t there it just doesn’t have the concentration that cru Beaujolais can show.


2016 Davis Bynum Jane’s Vineyard ridiculously dark burgundy dark ruby just perfectly concentrated perfect amount of fruit perfect amount of barnyard and enough fruit that everyone will be happy about it and an incredible tannin, very very very very nice.


2009 Latour Aloxe Corton clear thin Ruby big skunky nose of almost oxidation by American standards… clean and bright ridiculously tart in the mouth with a thin thin bright finish that will age for decades.

2015 Grancey clear pink Ruby all the way through barely any nose slowly explodes into serious plump and clean beautiful fruit on the mouth just like crystal meth clear such perfect fruit immediately going to every thick deep background and cat’s tongue.
2010 Corton Grancey clear brilliant beautiful garnett all the way through. Ruby core knows far more progress than the 2015 still thin and bright so thin so bright so ethereal angel wing wine. Tannins slowly working their way in.

2016 J Lohr Falcons Perch Monterey $15 big Rosy round plump fruit a little bit cloying nice rubber band and dirty Earth Day Beauty in this thing. Jesus Christ how do you do better than this for the price all kinds of fruit just crammed up in it no tannins to speak up more of a sweet finish but still.
2014 J Lohr Fog’s Reach really really dark almost impenetrable garnett. Arroyo Seco big Smokey BBQ way better integration than Highland bench I have to say after tasting through all the Highland benches Tuesday and then again in the media room but still kind of sweet and yummy.

2014 CALERA DeVilliers really really rich ripe pretty in the nose tons of fruit dark impenetrable ruby serious reduction in the nose oh my God it’s just fucking liquid fucking velvet in the mouth so gorgeous.

2015 Sinor Lavallee White Label perfect garnet, clear all the way through amber edges. Nice Pinot nose, I can’t say anything else about it other than it’s a beautiful Pinot nose! Just perfect. Floral perfect, and also perfect round briar.  This is going to be one of my favorites for the day. Beautiful shrill fruit integration all the way through the tannins.
2014 whole cluster anniversary Sinor A really edgy awkwardness taunting us but tempered with some kind of a skittles coating ridiculously tannic starting early in the mouth feel. This is a brilliantly wine I’m not sure it’s for everyone.  Smoking unctuous at the same time ridiculously bright

1997 adelaida HMR Pinot credible grip great reduction a little bit oxidized but not headed any one direction anytime soon. A lot of garnet but still with a big serious core of ruby.
The chenin Blanc (pictures) is just fucking to die for 1996 chenin Blanc HMR Vineyard

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