#WOPN2018 scribblings DAY 1

Big Basin Lester Family 2015 Santa Cruz mountains big huge bell pepper rubber band green bean literally one of the most vegetal Pinots I’ve ever tasted. Just sublime.

Calera 2015 Central Coast dirty funky birdshit barnyard loveliness and very ripe.

ANCIEN 2015 Coombsville just way too ripe for me.
ANCIEN Shae follows the same suit. Shae is always more *California-like* and this is a ripe, round extracted pinot.

Cordant radian literally the biggest most bullshit Pinot I think I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. 15-6 says all you need to know.

Byron 2013 Nielsen Vineyard nice rubber band Big fruit and then you taste it, glycerin all over the tongue sharp bitter but quite nice.

2016 FLANEUR Cuvee constant Oregon smells like dishwater and stem.

COPAIN Kiser 2014 beautiful spice nice and thin beautiful beautiful raspingly dry but very dark color.

Sokol Blosser 2014 Big Three block nice thin garnet pretty pretty pretty fruit great tannic streak.

2016 Stoller Family Estate Dundee Hills nice dark round unctuous pretty pretty fruit very light and plummy.

2014 Talbott Sleepy Hollow really really right compared to some of these other along side of it. Nice classic but honestly comes out a little sweet compared to some of these others alongside.

Tolosa Primera 2016 big smokey smokey thing ridiculously ripe, nice acid though 14-3

Merry Edwards 2015 Olivet Lane Lush sweet layers and layers of beautiful Russian River Valley fruit pure mineral tea and acid with a chunk of tannin.
Merry Edwards 2015 Meredith estate black as night dark dark instant obliterating structure hits the tongue an absolute Powerhouse wine.
2015 Merry Edwards Coopersmith another one black and thick but layered in an approachable way.

Meiomi Reserve Santa Rita Hills 2016 just stupidly ridiculously sweet.
Meimi 2016 Santa Lucia Highlands a little bit of structure coming in and 14-5
Meomi Reserve Russian River Valley is just a big fat fatty mass that smells like dishwater.

Kosta Browne Gap’s Crown A strange awkward nose burnt rags and carpet then and bright in the mouth.  Do not like. F

Clouds Rest Sonoma Coast really really vegetal skinny briar green bell pepper beautiful light garnet blackberry and plum. Great and beautiful.

2013 Flying Goat Rio Vista beautiful clean funky nose all kinds of wonderful acidity going on in it, God I love these still wines.
2014 Flying Goat Bien Nacido Rita’s Reserve Amber all the way around with a ruby core a little bit oxidized but fabulous fruit.

Torrin but not Torin something else.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture.  First time showing these wines. 2014 Bien Nacido really really really really pretty incredible definition to the fruit dark ruby with light pink edges. Duvarita wide pink edges wide nice tannin and acid balanced against sweet fruit.

2015 Ryan Cochrane Solomon Hills ridiculously stemmy and vegetal, crazy bell pepper and green bean, toasted almond beautiful rich lush round in the mouth quite the contrast.

2014 Nimrod Hungary big licorice spearmint, more spearmint peppermint light pink with amber edges the essence of spearmint is overwhelming.

2015 Domaine Chanson Givry kind of boring pretty much forgettable.
2015 Savigny acidic and tannic. It’s really difficult to find any fruit coming out of it it almost taste amateurish and it’s just shockingly tannic.


2010 Domaine Chanson Chambertin super ripe good age integration border-lining on oxidation but not really. Deep garnet with an amber edge a little skinny skinny stem nice pastis licorice anise. Churning tannins come crazy at you just mind-numbingly scrape your tongue tannins but fairly well balance.

2015 Clos Du Roi LaTour full ruby nice and clear pink edges incredible minerality in the fruit on the nose flying all the way through the mouth and then just shrill match head and cat’s tongue.

2015 Alfaro Big Basin still more of that big skinny but very much more tempered with a sweet fruit ripe, Lush anise and licorice full and round in the mouth near-perfect finish,
2015 Big Basin Coastview Monterey Gabilan mountains they still manage to get the same sort of bell pepper and green bean a nice ruby slight amber edges fruit thinner than all the others this is the most integrated and best balance of all of them.

2012 Roland Thevenie tour chorey les beaune. Nice smokey rubber band brings a little bit of toasted almond one-dimensional acid.
2013 Borgogne solid ruby little bit of amber edge, fruit barely able to show its head over the top of the acid.

2014 Marsannay beautiful garnet and inlaid with an incredible floral nose blistering acid and tannin.

2015 Rusack Santa Catalina Island brilliant ruby out to wide clear edges yellow in between nice vegetal fruit but heavy on the fruit nothing green or astringent like some of the other vegetal I wrote about here, a bit smokey and limestone. Rich round fruit defying its color incredibly thin clear acids then tannins, a citrus grapefruit minerality finish forever and ever this is literally–I know I’ve said this before–literally one of the best balance wines here. It’s not huge it’s not pretty it’s not plummy it’s not jammy, it’s not a lot of things and I know that’s where I go with Pinot… I don’t want my Pinot to be a lot of things I wanted to be a lot of the substance of small things, and this does it perfectly.

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