The Age Of Reason

Impenetrable garnet, slightly bricking edge, staining and moderate sediment. Dry cork core, but perfect clean with ruby tip. Big heady tertiary bouquet rocking compote, leather and cassis but with bright freshness. All the lovely mint and beautiful pie-crust is preserved perfectly, alongside fat slabs of elderberry, pipe-tobacco and intense dusty rose and lily. It keeps opening up and opening up, showing new smells constantly over the three hours I have had it open.

I’ve been critical of Jordan’s cabs over the years for not being approachable young. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS CONDITION. I love Alexander Valley cabs and Jordan is one of the stalwarts and I walk into a restaurant and they are pouring 2013 and I’m just like, “This wine is undrinkable.” And to me, it is not just your usual suspects of harsh tannins and unresolved fruit. It is a closed-in too-tightly-wound situation often hard to see through. This right here is the PERFECT way to drink Jordan cab. This was a late-release by the winery to shops, released last year, but it is still available on the site for purchase. In fact, every vintage to 1999 is available for sale DTC.

In the mouth, instant eucalyptus and all that Alex chalky briar coat perfectly, a chilling thin middle of STRAIGHT cab fruit and acid, followed by an explosion of tannin and ripe fruit. Such an amazing wine, and an absolute BLAST to drink.

The price may seem steep at first, but let me tell you: This is a bargain. I paid considerably less for it at but what value can you put on a perfect wine with perfect provenance?!!?

2002 JORDAN Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma County 13.5


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