Ruddy garnet with deep-seated amber-brown lurking at wide edges of murkiness. Wet dog butt and Barbie doll on fire, flaccid sausage and cut grass.

A perfectly horrid wine, thin of spirit bull-shitty through and through. Somewhere between an undrinkable California zinfandel at its most-touristy pinnacle and a funky Euro gone awry.

Tasting of non-chewable Vit C over a vapid wash of plastic-surgery-Paso fruit and the milky consistency of cistern water with stiletto nails proving an assumed seriousness in the defiant face of classlessness. Not completely undrinkable, but not enjoyable and is either an Italian Primitivo gone seriously awry, a hipster-somm pick for decidedly edgy, or a winery shooting for the stupid American market.  I am picking some combination of the former and latter.

2013 FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO Primitivo Manduria Sava Apulia Italy 14.0


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