Lucky Susan

Black black black impenetrable dark night black I can’t even begin to describe how pitch-black this thing is. Dense in the nose as well, but slowly peeks bits of ripe fruit out alongside chunks of compost, petrichor, and a nuance of substantial alcohol. Dense and so unforgiving, I reviewed this wine about two years ago and had nearly identical notes. I’m not getting the oak this time, just the sweet tinge of soggy melon over a bomb-shelter of structure.

In the mouth, huge monstrous, stand-a-fork-up-in-it concentration, peel the paint off your car acidity and tannin you physically chew to contain. Shit, EVERYTHING you have to chew with this wine–from the first splash in your mouth. Not over-ripe, though–let me make that clear. This is not a Paso Robles pancake-syrup bullshit tourist tincture for the party-bus crowd. No, it is lean and mean in its blackness, deceptively bright in its density, and thin, bright fruit dances all across the palate as you struggle to part the waters with your facial muscles to see. Like I said before, I wanna taste one of these in 10 years. It will either be wonderful or there just flat-out isn’t enough fruit to carry it.

2013 LUCIA Syrah ‘Susan’s Hill’ Santa Lucia Highlands Monterey County California 14.3


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