Not Thin Vin

Dense ruby, staining and dark, with the imaginable purple hue for this variety.  Funky sweaty baseline of perfect meat & potatoes singing along with beautiful cassis and elderberry.  A perfect plum fruit manages to rise above the barnyard and terroir, bringing a crisp pina colada and almost oaky pie-spice to front.  Round and rich in the nose, such perfect dessert with a bright edges of sharp cheese.

In the mouth, it is hard to discern which hits first: the fruit or the acid. It is a lot thicker and concentrated than I typically expect, but it IS Brouilly and the mouth-feel thins out over the middle, washing everything in a clean, wide hot-summer-hydrant-blast of refreshing coolness. Pointy-ears on a small-dog wiggle, SO much personality before a gritty diamond-blade grinds out perfect chalky mineral into substantial tannin.  Nehi Grape leaves you remembering this is supposed to be light, refreshing Cru Beaujolais, but the memory of that structure and concentration creates over-all balance and pure joy in a glass.

2015 CHATEAU THIVIN Claude Geoffray ‘Reverdon’ Gamay Brouilly Beaujolias Rhone France 13.0


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