Independent Studies

Appropriately light, cheery ruby feathering out to wide garnet-edges.  Burnt plastic and Naugahyde bring sort of a FEMA-trailer in the sun comfort to the early nose, with wet sawdust and more warmth bundled around the fruit.  Poivre vert sizzles on the slight cellar-floor–but closer to asphalt, as more plasticine of now a severly-scorched-nature envelopes the late nose.

Ahhh… Pinot From Paso!  World’s shortest book.  What are there, maybe a dozen? What kind of odds do you have with them?  Better than Oregon odds?  Better than $25-Pinot odds? Better than NZ odds? There are so many odd categories of Pinot Noir, and all of them come with their risks for true enjoyment.  I’ve had a fair share of Paso Pinot travel across my desk, and it doesn’t ALL suck–not by a long-shot.  But most of them definitely have a *texture* about them which I have a hard time not chalking up to warmth.

In the mouth, easily one of the awkwardest wines I have tasted in some time. Intense bitter vegetal attacks first, followed by a kinda 7/up-gasoline mixture ladled over extremely watery fruit.  This middle takes the form of un-sweetened powdered Kool-Aid in water, taking a thin, vapid cool 2-ticket log-ride into a musty finish.  This is the only place anything *Pinot* is actually identifiable as possibly quality.  But this pleasure is short-lived.  Potent, essential-oil burn begins a dance on what is definitely minerality–growing into something which evokes shudders and repeated swallowing.

I guess if you’re from Bakersfield and on your 7th winery in Paso for the day–having addled your senses with whatever 16-oh bullshit all the Russell From copy-cats are slinging–they pull out this beauty alongside “Do you want to taste our Pinot Noir?” and I *suppose* a person (who has never had pinot noir) could *possibly* (and I’m tryin real hard to pay them a compliment there) read some sort of delicacy and independent beauty into this bottle.  Definitely independent.  Like the hot chick at Continuation School.

2014 JACK CREEK CELLARS Pinot Noir Reserve Kruse Willow Creek Paso Robles California 14.4


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