Fly me to the Moon

Clear ruby, medium dense. Flatulent, candy nose hits you even at cork removal, you don’t have to get your nose anywhere near the glass to smell the putrid jelly obesity of an over-perfumed sewer-treatment plant boiled dry.  Rotten mush in the crisper-drawer and mulled too-purple stuff women in muumuu’s drink from tumblers.

This popped up at a local store and doesn’t Google well, so the wheels that constantly turn in a good wine-shopper immediately go to two possibilities: It is merely the central valley-sourced Cabernet member of LUNA’s proprietary low-budget line; OR, is it ‘floor-sweepings’ from LUNA’s Napa Valley, Spring and Veeder Mountain bottlings merely labelled “California” to prevent brand over-lap?  THESE are the questions us bargain-hunters are always searching through, and the latter is NOT a rare occurrence.  Well, This one definitely is of the former persuasion.

In the mouth, the Halloween loot of a rotten kid in a garbage bag, with a tiny injection of bullshit cinnamon.  I can’t drink this.

2014 LUNA Cabernet Sauvignon California 14.7


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