Math is Hard

7 dolla burg, waddya gonna do? You gone pass that shit up all snobby-like? HELLS NAW, jew gonna hit that thing harder than a conjugal visit. You gonna smile so big the whole time.

I mean… there’s only 2 ways it can go. It’s either gonna be a nice thin green vegetal streaky fresh baked bread cranberry fruit and nothing seriously overwhelming and a few rough edges, something you enjoy for what it is but don’t want to spend much time around, like a poorly conceived cru bojo, a $40 spätburgunder, last year’s nouveau or your bestie’s spectrum kid.

OR, it’s gonna be a horrible rotten something DIED in there flawed beyond recognition and unreviewable. This one is the former. It is a lovely little wine.

Delicate, ethereal, nuanced, brilliantly thin, 12.5, and I would drink this before ANYTHING in the Pinot Noir section at Von’s, Bev-Mo, Trader Joes, or Cost Plus. Seriously: think about it. For the price of ONE of those 30-dollar PIECES OF SHIT, you can buy 4 bottles of this.

2016 CHARLES ROY Pinot Noir Bourgogne Burgundy France 12.5


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