Almost Paradise

Thin bright brilliance, a bit shocking for a Zin, but then we are talking about Monterey county. I’m in favor of it, I think cooler climates can grow amazing grapes, even if it is something we are programmed to think is supposed to be pancake syrup. Dirty carpet fire nose with a schmear of plum and carborundum balancing put the funk.

In the mouth, nice and meaty: brilliant prosciutto or salami–a little bit salty, a little bit sweet–a little bit of alcohol, a little bit of fruit, all of which add up to a nice little wine. I don’t think this is crazy expensive. The crazy funk in the nose is a bit unsettling for a Zinfandel but I can get used to it. I’m factoring in green Monterey County. Mouth still runs a little garish: There’s a hard edge up against the rocky cliff where the fruit complains a little but I can like this.

It breathes out quite fast, leaving you with an encyclopedic version of Zinfandel–fat and lusty–which plays well into the varietal stereo, but bodes poorly for someone looking for that 1990’s Dry Creek Valley epiphany.  Not necessarily the crowd pleaser–it’s a little smarter than that. But an interesting Central Coast Zinfandel that will not get bad marks. *yawn*

2014 PARIS VALLEY ROAD Zinfandel Monterey County California 14.5


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