Beautifule Girls Make Graves

Muddy thin fruit clairvoyant in coriander and cardamom, muddy musk pulling everything down to an rich playing field of alcohol, spice and acid. Fruit definitely starts exploding with air, along with a little beautiful tar and floral, so this thing is a serious decanting candidate. 

If you came to the party looking for big fat slutty migraine-inducers, keep on walking. If you came looking for sweet round oaky donut wines just move along, you’re in the wrong place. If you came looking for black stand-a-fork-up-in-it concentration amid layers and layers of sweet cassis and vanilla you definitely came to the wrong party but if you want thin bright dry brilliance packed with not so much cinnamon and nutmeg but smart cardamon and coriander and showing a middle so chillingly tight it practically causes brain-freeze you’re in the right place. If you want your Merlot to intellectually seduce you and not just paralyze your tongue in 3 Musketeers, pull up a chair. If you want the tannins in your young Merlot to make you sit up straight, you stumbled into the right party. The band’s going to be back on soon I promise there’s a bit more in the bottle if you hurry I have it stashed behind the bar so those chicks over there don’t drink it. I’m going outside for a smoke. Avoid Phil, he’s drunk.

Salty and bright in the mouth, a chilling attack like a bite of ice cream. The center section is overwhelmed with delicate wonderful things and green ridiculous tannins are the finish. Boys and girls you haven’t had a Merlot like this and you cab drones who scorn everything else get a load of this. Thin and bright and beautiful. What a ridiculously fun satellite.

2013 CHATEAU BELLES-GRAVES Lalande de Pomerol Bordeaux France 13.5


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