When Real Zin Visits

Deep garnet, non-staining, and almost brown in density.  Blistering tight funk so high on fruit dense earth and leather barely capitulates on the ripeness expected from this variety. A sweet rosy secondary Jolly Rancher watermelon and a beautiful clean plum all accompanied by a slight acerbic burn. A touch salty on entry–sweet savory green decadence–huge fruit and leather that compliments additional bouquet exploration. Not flabby in the slightest, brittle metallic tannins approach mid palate, crescendoing and driving what little jamminess is visible into the tart finish.

A most interesting wine, having cut my teeth on California Zinfandel in the 80s and 90s before the ruination of Zinfandel. The dirty funk on this early in the nose is easily one of its most compelling factors but it follows through, true to the course start to finish a heavy decadence only slightly offsetting the ridiculous tightness of the entire mouth feel and has in no way alleviated any of the tannic weight. Is there a better description of perfect Zinfandel? Quite unlike anything I’ve ever had from California even late 70s early 80s stuff, there really is no comparison this is a stunning old world wine. A most astonishing discovery.

2015 CASTELLO MONACI Piluna Primitivo IGT Puglia Lecce Italy 14.0



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