Grüner Sucks

​Do you have this wine? I mean everyone’s all focused on this dude’s grüners and I’m just like grüner sucks. Yeah I just said that what are you going to do? Unfollow me. There’s a billion white wines I love and grüner’s just not one of them. But this guy’s pinot’s… have you had this guy’s pinots?!?!???? He made like two barrels in 2013 and it was unobtainium. He made a little bit more in 2014 and a bunch of us got some of it. I got a case and then he made a little bit more in 2015 I believe it was Duvarita Vineyard but here’s the thing: you like this guy’s white wines… you like his grüner’s? You really should check out his pinot because these are ridiculously Burgundian. Bitter grainy thin beautiful barnyard nuanced little pieces. Matchhead goin OFF all over the squished-bug wet carpet road tar. FIND THIS WINE.

2014 TATOMER Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County 13.5


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