Life In A Glass

THE most blistering bright pink flourescent youthful ruby brilliance you’ve seen this side of Beaujolais.  Clear medium-light and its thin pink edges still manage to be staining.  Caramel and honey piggy-back on fresh-cut flowers and a nice B.O. note, earthy and alive and crushing the minerality game. An expensive perfume–musky and curiously strong but not invasive–lurks barely noticeable until late breathing.

SOOOOO much life in this glass.  I’m smiling uncontrollably while smelling and tasting it.  There’s just this beauty, this uncomplicated thesis of all things alive and elegantly in-animate.  The sea, the wind.  Flowers and fire and clouds.  A leather strop.  Chinese fireworks.  I always relish a Valdiguie coming across my desk–young OR old–and this is no exception.  This is a ridiculously beautiful wine.

In the mouth, sweet delicate nectar buoyed on shrill acerola, and you can’t help but be influenced by all that wet leather and meatball seasoning in the nose.  Bright, beautiful and alive, one of the most vibrant wines in recent memory, just oozing life.

This is the young guns of California right here, boys and girls.  This is what this generation is going to do for wine in the New World.  Find the great varieties, find them at their tiny sources being grown right, and make the wine bright and beautiful and letting all the life show through.  This is a wine you absolutely HAVE to seek out.

2016 WILSON FOREIGNER Valdiguie Rancho Chimiles Napa Valley 12.7


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