Electric Island

Nice golden yellow, not shy of color or nose.  Breathy oak and pineapple, mud, mushroom and banana-peel pushed up against wet brick and nectarine.

This is Delta fruit, and I have touted delta fruit for decades.  If you live outside of California, you probably won’t key in immediately on “The Delta”, but it is this huge ancient–and current–watershed formed from runoff from the Sacramento, and American, and San Joaquin, and Consumnes and on and on–a plethora of sources flooding a massive area covering Contra Costa, Sacramento, Yolo and San Joaquin counties before becoming the San Francisco Bay.  Slow-moving sloughs surround large areas of land, creating many large *islands* as the fresh water slowly finds the Pacific Ocean.  Any long-time advocate of Zinfandel will vouch for Contra Costa County Zin and Rhone varieties, and the whites from Clarksburg and surrounding areas are second to none.  This is ‘bottom land’ about as *bottom* as you can get, with elevations ranging from less than 10′ to barely 50′ above sea level.  The entire Sierra and Central Valley watershed has dumped into this delta for thousands of years and it shows in the wines.

In the mouth, full and savory, round elegance rife with butter and bitter, green stemmy brilliance plays a supporting role to robust fruit.  Early appeal prepares you for the raspy minerality we really came to the party for.  This is probably one of my favorite Albarinos in California.

2015 DROPOUT WINES Albarino Andrus Island Sacramento Co. California 12.5



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