Sleeper Cell

Dark ruby and mildly staining out to a drop-off edge.  Before you even pour it you know this is going to be a ripe bruiser.  Heady, grapey fruit, black and dense, SOOOOO ripe, black rich chocolate, blackberry and vanilla and an alcoholic note overwhelm any delicacy which might be hiding.  Roasted meat and peanut butter create a massive warm wall of wine well shy of “burnt”.  Decanted heavily, prettier nuances come out of the woodwork, but no serious spice or earth protrude past the infantile ripe fruit.

In the mouth, considerably lighter than I expected.  It’s a big hefty bruiser–don’t get me wrong–but there is a finesse to it in the mouth which goes a long way toward alleviating any over-ripe concerns.  Dirty and acidic, a green streak working its way into the middle and seamlessly inter-webbing the blockbuster tannins.  But still, it is powerful-ripe all the way through–even to the young finish.

It’s hard to say where a wine like this is going.  I’ve seen them go either direction.  It is NOT going to disappoint in the next five years, THAT is for sure.  At ten, any flaws will either be at the forefront or polished away.  This is one of those things you buy a case of and take to every party on the block and *hope* you can keep your hands off it for a half-decade but if you can’t… no one’s crying.  The thing is: There will ALWAYS be wines like this.  Produced every year.  Big nummy new-label playthings so it’s important not to get too serious about them.

Just enjoy it.  And enjoying this wine is effortless.

2014 SLEEPER Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.5


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