Olmost Paradise

Dark ruby, headed into purple territory.  Eucalyptus and tons and tons of eucalyptus explode out of the nose.  Wow, this is sounding like a Napa Cab I opened on here last week.  This one, while containing more eucalyptus than I am comfortable with, has a dark cherry backdrop and a deep citrus acid which buoys things along.  Decanted heavily, the eucalyptus fades considerably, leaving bright earthy fruit and noticeable alcohol.

I’ll say it again, I LOVE eucalyptus.  And there’s always going to be vineyards–Napa AND Australia–in which eucalyptus will be prominent.  And it is an interesting part of terroir.  But you have to be a pretty serious eucalyptus lover to get into this wine.

In the mouth, young, extremely acidic fruit, borne on a sort of bitter, tincture-ish interlude.  Incredible black cherry, dry sagebrush, red dirt, wet sapling in a base of grapefruit minerality and actually a tiny patina.  I had to go check the vintage on this, as there is a nice cassis patina popping up which would preclude a current release.  Yes it has a half-decade on it.  Thick, unctuous fruit, I would say “syrupy” if it wasn’t for the peppery middle and blistering tannins, and a bit of eucalyptus rolls back in on the finish.

This is a great wine that is just starting to settle down and I would LOVE to taste in another 5 years. You just make sure your initial tolerance for eucalyptus is up there.  It blows out, exposing a beautiful wine with gobs of fruit and structure.

2012 FRANKLAND ESTATE “Olmo’s Reward” Cabernet Franc Western Australia 14.5



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