UN Forgettable

So this one’s paler than any of the others.  Of the three Foursight pinots I have had this is the palest garnet–almost an orange-wine type of situation–of the three.  BUT!  This one also has the most concentrated nose of the three!  this just goes to show you the PROPER color in a pinot is mandatory!  Big chocolate truffle cinnamon mascarpone nose with a background of brushfire, fresh varnish and new carpet.  Dripping nectarine off white pepper, watermelon seeds and jamaica.

So Foursight–if you are not familiar with this winery–approaches wine-production with a completely hands-off method, varying these unobtrusive methods between several bottles.  There’s a lot of “un’s” printed on the label and a fat layer of lees around the punt.  This one is the straight-up “CV” for Charles Vineyard, but unlike their other bottlings from this vineyard, it only states “Wild Yeast, Unfined, Unfiltered” leaving several other of their UN’s to be assumed as an addition to this version.  Go to their tech sheets if you are lost at this point.  Or go drink Meomi.  This is not Wine 101.

In the mouth, smoky concentration of rose-hip and a cloud of cranberry brilliance attempt to obfuscate the gripping, chalky texture and lay a fruit-leather path for acid and tannin to travel on.  So thin and bright while bringing vibrant green brushy and early-season stonefruit ripeness to a venue lined with stone structure.  Pretty sure this is my favorite of the three Foursights.

2014 FOURSIGHT Pinot Noir “CV” Charles Vineyard Anderson Valley Mendocino Co. 13.5



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